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ABA: Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp Offers Advice and Scotch to Lawyers Who Pass Security Check

By Martha Neil for ABAJournal

October 27th, 2010

A bankruptcy lawyer’s remote 160-acre farm in North Carolina is, to some, ground zero in the battle against foreclosures.

O. Max Gardner III, 65, gives four-day, $7,775 seminars to consumer attorneys there, teaching them how to defend against lender tactics and look for defective documentation of loans. Attendees must first pass a background check to confirm that they don’t work for creditors, Bloomberg reports.

In addition to some 3,000 pages of handouts, the program also offers sleeping accommodations and refreshments, including single-malt scotch.

It isn’t simply knowledge, too, but a cooperative network of defense attorneys that make the program worthwhile, says Linda Tirelli, a bankruptcy lawyer in New York and Connecticut. She has the confidence to take on cases against so-called “tall building law firms” because other graduates, who are now located in 47 states, work together to exchange documents and share information about patterns of misconduct, she tells the news agency.



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